All painting is done by your partner Monkey Meeks over at

Once your figurine is born and out of the FICU (Figurine ICU) we will ship it to them to completely mature into their full potential. Once they have been certified battle ready, they will be dispatched to join your army. 

Mokey Meeks has 3 painting options:

Tabletop Standard (TT) Tier: This is our simplest of paint jobs we offer on a model, such as block colours and use washes and minimal highlights added. No advanced painting techniques used (non-metallic metal (nmm), object source lighting (osl), etc), no free-hands only decals if needed. Bases are kept plain and simple such as adding a sandy/gravel texture and a few rocks.

Tabletop Standard PLUS (TT+) Tier: This is a slightly more advanced paint job than the TT Tier, washes are more controlled and layered, especially on metallic paints to give better depth. More time given to highlights. Certain advanced techniques will be used such as osl (object source lighting) but still no nmm (non-metallic metal) techniques. No free-hands only decals if needed. Bases include flora and fauna.

Display Standard Tier: This is the highest paint job to a model we offer, we pull out all the stops to get your model to the best display piece it can be or as you want it to be. We use all the advanced techniques that are available to create the best effects. The bases will have all the bells and whistles.